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Artesia New Mexico

Only about 12,000 people live in Artesia, NM, and Artesia New Mexico is still an idyllic representation of a small town in the USA.  Most visitors to Artesia will find the inhabitants ("Artesians") quite agreeable, and the weather even nicer.  At about 3400 feet above sea level, Artesia has a great year round climate.  It may get a light dusting of snow a few times a year, but for the most part, Artesia's winters are fairly tame.  All in all, Artesia, New Mexico is a very comfortable place to spend your time.

Since 1923 when oil was first discovered in the area, Artesia's economy has continued to grow, and now is more diverse than ever.  Artesia has seen rapid development in the area over the past few years due to the influx of new Dairy Farm operations, and is now home to one of the few "Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers" (FLETC) in the country.

While visiting Artesia, If you're in the area for a while, you might consider taking a road trip up to Cloudcroft.  It's a great little mountain town with incredible vistas and a very quaint little village.  If it's the right time of year, you can even put a little time on the slopes.  Cloudcroft is about 75 Miles from Artesia, and makes for a great weekend get away.
The people of Artesia are very proud of their Bulldogs.  That's the Artesia Bulldogs.  The high-school football team here has won many championships, and they are listed on the water tower on the way into town.  If it's football season, and you've got the time, be sure to head out the the high school for an action packed game.

Artesia is an oil town, and Yates Petroleum is the main oil company here.  You'll see their big offices right on Main Street in downtown Artesia.  There's also a refinery at the East end of town.  There is a constant smoke drifting in the breeze from the refinery, and some people find the smell of burning oil to be offensive.  Most people agree that the smell gets less noticeable after a few days, but in Artesia, it is referred to as "The sweet smell of success" as the burning oil and the working refinery represents jobs, and a positive economy.  Artesia and oil are clearly closely linked.
Artesia has famous neighbors.  If you're new to the area, you may not have heard of Artesia before, but both of it's neighbors are much more famous.  To the South is Carlsbad, and everyone has heard of the Carlsbad Caverns.  To the North you will find Roswell.  Roswell is famous for the alleged UFO Crash here in 1947 in a rancher's field.  You will be guaranteed to see aliens to this day if you visit Roswell.  The town still draws many people to the area and has become quite a Mecca for those who "believe". Roswell is just a short drive from Artesia.  

If you enjoy a good beer, and a burger, You're probably going to get very familiar with the Wellhead during your stay in town.  The Wellhead is a small micro-brewery, and restaurant, and is just about the most lively place in town.  The burgers are great as well.  This place is a favorite to many visitors of Artesia.
Artesia has renovated their downtown area, and Mainstreet is a great little place to hang out our take a walk.  There's not a huge selection of shops or restaurants, but it really has a very quaint, idealistic small town feel.  If you're looking for good coffee, there's really only one place in town to go for a Late or Mocha.  You'll find it at the Drip right downtown on Main.  The Wellhead is also a highlight of the town and a great place for a beer.

The Holiday Inn Express is generally considered to be the nicest hotel in Artesia, but with all the new activity going on at FLETC, it tends to fill up quick.  Many Border Patrol Instructors who do not reserve rental houses in advance end up staying here.

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