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All of Artesia Rentals Homes are strictly "Non Smoking"

Houses for rent in Artesia, New Mexico.
Rental Houses in Artesia that really feel like home!

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Artesia Rentals is your best source for furnished rental homes in Artesia, NM.  Our goal at Artesia rentals is to provide you with a rental home in Artesia that really feels like home.
News and Announcements!

08-25-2008  Do you have friends in Artesia that are still staying in a hotel?  We hear there are still a few.  We still have a few properties available on our Furnished Rentals Page.  If you know someone that would be happier in a home than a hotel, let them know that Artesia Rentals may just have what they are looking for.

04-30-2008  HOT HOT HOT.... They say it's going to be a hot summer in Artesia this year.  Make sure to keep that in mind when you select your rental home.  They say that swamp coolers work well in New Mexico, but we prefer Central Refrigerated Air Conditioning.

01-01-2008  Happy New Year.  2008 is starting to look like it will be a very busy year for furnished rental homes in Artesia.  The FLETC Academy has gone through some big changes, and is scheduled to have a huge volume of students this year.  If you haven't heard, the new per diem lodging rate in Artesia is now $70 per day.

11-26-2007 As we approach the Holidays, and the end of the year, we would like to thank all of our tenants, and wish you all a happy holiday season.

07-24-2007 Take a look at our listings page.  We just had a great furnished rental in Artesia become available today.  Normally our properties are reserved in advance, but this one is available NOW due to a last minute cancellation.  You could move in today!

06-28-2007 Send us an e-mail if you are looking for a rental in Artesia in the next few months.  We don't have anything available now, but if something comes up we'll look at our e-mail inbox and see who we can accommodate.

05-24-2007 Are you looking for a furnished Rental in Artesia, Carlsbad, or Roswell?  Well, things are busy.  All of our rental partners are full to capacity in this time, and as you will see on our listings page, our first available rental home is occupied until August.  We don't keep a waiting list per say, but if you need a place, send us an e-mail to artesiarentals@yahoo.com.  If something unexpected comes available, we'll scroll through past e-mails first and try to find you a place that fits your needs.

05-01-2007 Although we have many nice furnished rental homes in Artesia, Currently we do not have any vacancies.  Our next available rental homes are scheduled to come open in August.  If you would like to send us an e-mail with your needs (number of people, and dates), we will call you if anything comes up unexpectedly.  Thanks for checking with Artesia Rentals.

04-20-2007 Due to an overwhelming demand, We have no rentals available at this time.  We've checked our sources for other rental properties in Artesia, Carlsbad, and Roswell, but all of the furnished rental properties that we are aware of a (even with other companies) are currently rented. Our next available properties are in May and July.

03-09-2007 Busy Busy Busy.  March is one of our busiest months ever with new guests arriving.  April has a lot of reservations as well.  If you are planning a trip to Artesia and need a rental home,  make your reservations early.  Currently we only have 2 properties available.  You can see all of our rentals from Artesia on the listings page.

02-24-2007 We did it again!  We've just added 1 more new home.  This home is located in our favorite part of Artesia (South West Side).  It has just undergone the ArtesiaRentals.com full treatment which includes a full make over and a fresh new feel.  You can find out more about this house on our listings page now.  Sorry, it rented almost immediately.

02-09-2007 Well, it looks like the Border Patrol Academy in Artesia is about to get busy again.  It's been quiet around here since just before the New Year, but now the phone is ringing off the wall.  It looks like March is going to be a busy month for incoming agents.  If you plan to arrive around this time, make your reservations early!

12-01-2006 We have several homes available!  but there going fast.  It sounds like the academy is bringing in a lot of new instructors for the first part of January.  Call now to inquire about last minute availability and make your reservation as soon as possible.

11-04-2006 We've got a great house with a huge living room available on NOvember 11th.  It's in a great neighborhood.  See our listings for more future availability.

10-10-2006 It's hard to tell who you can trust.  If you're considering renting a house and you're not sure who you should deal with.  Artesia Rentals has 16 Furnished Rentals currently occupied.  You may know one of our guests.  Ask them what they think and get an honest opinion.  We know we try hard to make you feel at home, but what do our tenants think?

09-29-2006 We have 1 house available!  We've been so busy that most houses are booked well in advance lately, but due to a last minute cancellation,  We have 1 great house ready to move into immediately. See House #1 on the listings page for details.  It has a huge living room and it is in a great neighborhood.

08-01-2006 Our last house is now rented, but we have some great (really nice) furnished rental apartments available with all services included just 1 mile from FLETC. These are very clean and nice places.  Also, we have a few furnished rental houses coming available in September.  Check our listings page for more information.

07-27-2006 Artesia Rentals is very busy.  Many new classes are starting at FLETC Artesia and most of the furnished rental houses here are full.  We're getting calls from incoming BP instructors who are arriving to find that the houses they have reserved (not from Artesia Rentals) are not available to them. They were rented to other tenants who arrived earlier.  We strongly suggest that you get your reservations in writing no matter who you decide to rent with.

07-16-2006 Artesia is Hot!  Click on the weather link to get the current temp.  We've got a few places available now (or coming soon), and they've got central Air conditioning (of course).  If you can't get into one our homes, and you are looking around, we highly recommend getting a place with a good working refrigerated air conditioner.  This is New Mexico, and Artesia is very hot this time of year.

03-21-2006 We've got 1 home and 1 apartment available now! Check the listings page to see photos of the available rentals.

02-18-2006 Sold Out!  All of our homes are full at this time, but we have a few of our best homes coming available soon.  Check the listings page to see what will be available when you arrive.  Most of the houses will be reserved in advance, so don't hesitate to make your reservation early!

01-23-2006 New House!!!  We just added another great house to the listings page of ArtesiaRentals.com.  This new house is for rent completely furnished, and it is available now!!! Check out the listings page!

01-17-2006 Warning!!  Be cautious of what you rent.  We have seen several instances of people being taken advantage of in Artesia lately.  Make sure you are renting from a reputable company.  Many of the homes available by other owners in Artesia are very run down and not very nice.  There are nice homes available.  Do not settle on a shack, and don't be forced into thinking that there is nothing else available.

12-17-2005  Today we've added 3 new rental properties.  They are all coming available in December or January.  There are no pictures listed of these new homes yet, and normally we would wait to even list them, but we are being inundated with inquiries lately, so we are trying to put as much information on the website as possible.  We'll get photos up as soon as we can.

12-12-2005.  Artesia Rentals is working hard to make sure we remain your number 1 source in Artesia for quality rental houses.  We're working on a few new houses right now, and they should be online and available around the end of December, or the Beginning of January.  Check back often so you can be the first to reserve one of our newest homes.

12-06-2005,  The holidays are coming, it's getting colder, and we're getting busy here at Artesia Rentals.  We've been getting lots of calls, and only have two homes currently available.  Things seem to be going quite quickly, so if you're on your way to Artesia, make sure you get your reservation in quickly.  We plan to be sold out soon.

1. Our Website is being remodeled.  Unfortunately, our website remodeling crew is not nearly as talented as our home remodeling crew, so please hang in there while we get the final touches on.  Until the project is complete, you may find areas of the site to be inaccessible, but our only other option was to shut it down completely.  Keep an eye on the listings page, it should remain up to date.

2. More Houses are on the way.  Artesia Rentals has acquired several new properties and we have our crews working on the rennovations, furnishings, and decorating as we speak.  Keep an eye on the listings section as new available rental homes in Artesia should be popping up soon.

3. Houses have been reserving quickly.  We seem to be having another rush for reservations, so if you know of anyone else who has homes available for rent, please send us an e-mail so we might pass on the word and find some more places to stay for the rest of the people coming into Artesia.

Cell Phones in Artesia

Which cell phones work in Artesia? Coverage Maps Etc... This link coming soon.

High Speed Internet.  It's available in most of our rental homes.  More information on this coming soon as well.
Artesia School Districts.  If you're going to bring your children with you while working in Artesia, you're going to want to know about the schools.  More information on this coming soon.
Long Distance Phone Plans.  While all of our homes offer free local telephone service, we're bringing out some great new offers on Long Distance calls so you can stay in touch with those back home while in Artesia.

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Furnished rental houses in Artesia! (Houses for Rent)

ArtesiaRentals.com lists furnished rental homes in Artesia and specializes in housing government employees.  Rental properties in Artesia can be in heavy demand at times.  ArtesiaRentals.com is intended to be a great resource for those looking for rentals in and around Artesia, New Mexico.  All of our rental houses (houses for rent) in the listings section include photos, descriptions, and rental prices.  The pictures in this site are intended to give you a clear idea of what these homes are really like.  Some homes available for rent in Artesia are very "sub standard", and not what many renters expect.  While not all homes listed on this website are owned by the same person, they all have been inspected and were found to meet our high standards.  ArtesiaRentals.com does not offer any homes for sale, but if you are looking for homes for sale in Artesia, you can click on our Real Estate link for information on local Artesia real estate agents.



Remember, There's No Smoking in any of our Rental Homes in Artesia.

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